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Aldo King

Partner | Head of Consulting and Chief Creator of Light and Entertainment

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My Story

I have over 20 years of experience in integral transformation, peak performance and safety leadership consulting and executive coaching. I support clients to define, pursue and achieve their most significant strategic objectives and to assist those clients to meet unprecedented challenges within their industries by unleashing the potential of people in their organisations to accomplish extraordinary performance.

I'm passionate to help business leaders personally achieve higher levels of success by training, teaching and coaching clients, one-to-one, in the removal of company limitations, blind-spots and comfort zones, as well as providing a greater awareness of principles of effective leadership, ethics and integrity in business.


My experience includes implementation of major change programmes within the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, utilities and mining sectors, catalysing human innovation for breakthrough results. Enabling people to produce exceptional performance outcomes and enhance the quality of their lives through creative, effective, and immediately relevant leading-edge educational methodologies. Providing contemporary business thinking and strategies to empower leaders and enable a dynamic shift in the results they produce.

Areas of expertise include: high-performance presentation and facilitation, human potential, motivational and transformational methodologies, effective communication, relationship consulting and coaching, organisational change and planning skills, successful negotiating and team building.


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