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Irina Ryattel

Partner | Head of Business Development and Chief Laughter and Buzz

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My Story

I've been a consultant in safety and leadership performance since 2015 and spent the previous 10 years working in project and sales roles in international companies in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, France, Kazakhstan and Qatar.


Leading and developing teams for safety and performance in both office and worksite environments; one-on-one and team performance coaching; training groups and individuals in safety leadership skills that impact safety performance and increased mental health of staff.

I supported clients with a site and office/design-oriented focus from the moment of defining the business problem and setting direction for the solution, through to executing the change intervention and evaluating impacts – with a clear focus on impact and sustainability at every stage.


I work with all levels of the organisation including C-Suite to design and deliver interventions and workshops around business transformation, leadership capability and development, organisational effectiveness and cultural change (including creating understanding among office staff the role they play in leading safety, and developing skills with worksite supervisors to understand how their own mental health and their team members’ health and well-being impact work).


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