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About us

Kintsugi Partnership empowers and

enables businesses to shape and transform their future.


Kin = golden

tsugi = joiner

It literally means to join with gold

Our APPROACH is sourced from the Japanese philosophy of using the history of an object to re-create and transform it with golden thread; we interweave seeming imperfections with new possibilities, re-creating and transforming existing performance.

Our FOCUS is on individuals and teams and their beliefs, mindsets, values and culture that drive the business. We focus on human potential and how we relate to each other in order to achieve the best results.

We are COMMITTED to the pursuit of insights that enable transformation – for each of us individually and collectively to reach our full potential and achieve so much more.

We are a role model (we do what we preach); we are fun to work with; our work is interactive, experiential and immersive, personal, personable and allows different thinking and listening.

We offer 50 years of combined experience in working with leadership all over the world.



+44 (0)7557 008 594



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