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Melanie van Dalen

Partner | Head of Operations and Chief Tea and Cake Aficionada

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My Story

My career in supporting managers, teams and consultants is long, varied and international.


Born, raised & bred in The Netherlands in a countryside village, my first job was as secretary in a small, local real-estate company, after which I moved to the ‘big city’ of Rotterdam where I worked with General Motors, a coal trading company and various other companies big and small, national and international.


My next life adventure took me to the metropolis that is London, UK. Here I worked for a satellite communications company, a chef, and for 24 years with a global management consultancy, both with consultants and with management. Following this, I set up my Virtual Assistant business, and also was delighted to be invited to join Kintsugi Partnership.


I love the coaching & consulting business. I thoroughly enjoy supporting ‘my’ people so they can make a difference to an organisation’s way of being and to people’s lives.  I am a stand for integrity, treating people fairly, and working with rather than for, working together for the desired outcome. And, apparently, I have a bit of a reputation for only allowing the right expenses to be billed to a project. 


Welcome to our world! So pleased you’re joining us.

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