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high performance

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Together we turn your business challenge into
a powerful opportunity

with measurable results

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What We do

TOGETHER with you, we create unique business solutions

to implement best practice for individual, team and organisational high-performance.

Kintsugi Partnership consults and coaches clients to discover their “golden path".

With our experience and expertise, we offer more affordable and accessible individual and team coaching services to organisations and projects, focusing on mid management in bigger organisations (helping create a new generation of managers and leaders) and top management in smaller organisations (helping them run their business successfully – people management, team management and engagement, individual and business performance).




We believe there's a better way for businesses to work; a way that enables everyone to be authentic, fully self-expressed and contribute to the higher purpose of the organisation. When everyone’s full potential is released and aligned to a meaningful purpose, it transforms the nature of work and the inevitable outcome is high-performance. 


We do strengths-based and future-focused work – honouring what's already working and directing energy towards what can be created for and by individuals, teams and organisations.


We work with our clients openly, clearly, with agreed behaviours, boundaries and KPI's, leaving a sustainable legacy.

Our Services

and clarify
your present

Do you really know and understand your challenges?

strengths, blind spots, opportunities and

areas for improvement

Create your
desired Future

Do you truly know what you and your people need?

an inspiring, aligned vision with strategic milestones and clear accountabilities

Develop Steps from your desired future

What are the next steps and how do we stabilise breakthroughs?

sustainable “golden threads” across your organisation

Coach for
your success

Do you have a structured approach to reach your goals?

key teams and individuals to achieve their desired future

Our Team

Meet The Team

L1000032 2.JPG
Aldo - B&W_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

Aldo King


Head of Consulting 

Chief Creator of Light and Entertainment

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Irina the Artist.jpg

Irina Ryattel

Chief Laughter and Buzz


Head of Business Development 

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Melanie the Tea & Cake Afficianado.jpg
Melanie van Dalen - B&W_edited_edited_ed

Melanie van Dalen

Chief Tea and Cake Aficionada


Head of Operations 

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Our Values

The work we do is based on fundamental principles and our core values of genuine partnership, true accountability, full transparency and trust, heartful compassion, honest communication, and impeccable work.


Kintsugi Partnership Ltd

86-90 Paul Street




Tel: +44 (0)7557 008 594


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